The Ceramic Case IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Watch Replica Online is one of IWC’s staple, namely the reference 5009 which comes in a steel case and is a tad bit smaller at 46mm wide. It is rather handsome in a military sort of way – and the black look of the case goes well with the dial. The color is not quite black, but closer to a dark gray and offered in a matte finish. For 2012 IWC released the reference 5019 (IW501901) Big Pilot as part of the Top Gun collection of watches.

IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Watch

The technical name of the IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Watch Replica is a bit grammatically and semantically confusing in English being the “Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun. The dials of the two watches are very similar.” This 5019 version is a bit larger at 48mm wide, which as far as I can tell is due to the case itself being a bit broader on the sides. One thing that a lot of fans like is the new ceramic case for the Big Pilot – which was previously more or less seen in the chronograph versions.” If you’ll excuse me I will be referring to it by the more comfortable sounding “IWC Big Pilot Top Gun watch.” While it is a large timepiece, I don’t think this is a watch exclusively for “big pilots.

At 48mm wide in size with pronounced lugs this watch is probably a bit too large for my wrists. That is because the lugs tend to jut out a bit past the edges of my wrist. For review I have checked out one of the new IWC Big Pilot Replica that comes in an all ceramic case and is part of the Top Gun collection.

I still like to wear IWC Replica Watch, but I am aware that on my smaller wrists this watch looks a touch too large. The ceramic case is soft to the touch and feels to be a bit lighter than steel – or maybe that is just psychological. If you are sensitive about that type of thing then try before you buy with a Big Pilot to see how it looks on you.