The culmination of a long period of Black Dial Rolex GMT Master II Replica Watch research and development, the ability to have two perfectly demarcated colours on one ceramic bezel is something Rolex itself has never really shouted about. But luxury watch lovers everywhere understand the care and precision that goes into making this really rather improbable thing. And they’re willing to pay the price that comes with it. And then, of course, there’s the two-tone Cerachrom bezel: the signature feature of the GMT Master, it sits high and proud from the case, presenting a perfectly knurled surface for the traveller’s hands to operate.

So, what’s so special about a two-tone bezel? Well, to answer that question you really need to know how ceramic bezels are coloured. The Rolex GMT Master II Replica Watch 116719 BLRO pulls off the trick common to all Rolex GMT watches: it looks bigger than it is. The 40 mm case manages to carry off an extra degree of heft thanks to the lug design, which is slightly flatter and squarer than, say, Rolex’s ‘technical’ Milgauss or Air King models.

Incidentally, the original Rolex GMT Master Replica Watch (all blue-and-red GMT Masters are called ‘Pepsi’, just as all blue-and-black models are known as ‘Batman’) was actually coloured to represent the company colours of PanAm. The GMT Master II is a traveller’s, ergo a flight, watch, and Rolex worked with PanAm when they first developed this luxury watch.

The colouring process involves baking a ring of soft green material until it is rock-hard and red as a—well, as the red bit on a Pepsi can. Then half of the bezel is treated with a chemical and heated under pressure until it turns blue. The result is the sharp, shiny, and fade-free bezel that fans of the GMT Master II know and love.The 24-hour rotatable bezel is the heart of the Rolex Replica Watch —so I guess you could say this is a luxury watch that wears its heart on its sleeve. The two-tone finish is a work of art in itself.