This particular annual calendar flyback chronograph Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Replica Watch combines real-world tested features with a bezel that segues seamlessly into the black rubber bracelet. Nothing terribly new there. It’s the ‘NTPT’ part that transports this timepiece to the next level. The case and bezel are made of a material used to craft the masts of sailing boats, so it’s inflexible but also light. Perfect for grand prix conditions. Many layers of fine carbon fibers are fused together in ovens set at temperatures that could melt tungsten.

Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT

For the Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa Replica Watch is the very embodiment of his watchmaking philosophy: “the best in technical innovation, the best of artistry and architecture, the best of the heritage and culture of fine watchmaking with hand finishing”.

It’s good to be Felipe Massa. After all, how many Formula 1 racing drivers can retire after a successful career and leave a legacy that includes 41 podiums and an entire collection of special edition luxury sports watches crafted by none other than leftfield luxury watchmaker Richard Mille? To date, just the one: Brazilian driver Felipe Massa.

Richard Mille does not do standard. This is a man who likes to buck trends and fly in the face of convention. If you’re into edgy and original timepieces made of unconventional materials that take countless hours of research and development to produce, you’ll love this. It’s a fantasy for the wrist.

Richard Mille RM011 Replica Watch is very much a Richard Mille watch in terms of signature design elements. Wrist presence? Check. At 50 mm this is a monster of epic proportions. It owns your wrist. Reimagined Tonneau-shaped case? Check. Skeletonised dial? Naturally. Richard Mille is nothing if not an exhibitionist when it comes to the mechanisms of his sports watches, and rightly so.

There’s another reason for using this particular material. It has some truly stunning patterns of the sort revealed when you chop down a tree. In this case, and fittingly considering this material is used for masts, those patterns bear a striking resemblance to waves stretching towards the horizon. That’s the point of Richard Mille Replica Watch. Just in case you were wondering why a luxury watch bearing no gold, platinum or diamonds could possibly run into six figures.