Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Watch Releases

The last few years have been a bit of a revitalization period for Swiss Ebel watches. The prominent brand was growing a bit staid, and it needed some new exciting watches, especially men’s watches. So it brushed the dust off of it’s classic hexagon case (you know, it roughly has six sides), and started releasing some new models. The new and larger watches are typified by the case shape and five screws, often with then faceted hands. The good looks of the watches combined with some serious marketing efforts have really helped Ebel out. One of the things that I really like about their designs is the simplicity. A few of the watches are a bit more “out there” in appeal, but this Classic Hexagon GMT watch really epitomizes simple good looks. Seeing the watch itself is the true convincing element to appreciating the timepiece. The case is slightly rounded not to look flat, and the size of the larger version is impressive. Further, the polish and finish (bezel and much of the face are polished while the case is satin finished) alone are enough to communicate this watch’s luxury status.

My favorite part of the watch is the integration of the second time zone display. In the top center of the watch you have a big date window that is well integrated, and then below, you have the large subsidiary dial for the second time zone. In a sense, this is a non-traditional GMT because it is not represented in 24 hour time. The likely effect of this will make you sometimes a bit confused about exactly what time it is in the other timezone you have (is it one hour ahead or 13 hours ahead?) You’ll probably just need to make a quick mental note of that when you are traveling. So the good news is that it is displayed with its own little face; complete with a minute hand. On my GMT watches you need to use the minute hand of the main dial. Here, Ebel places two minute hands, so reading the second timezone is just like having another watch in your watch. This is of course not the first time this has been done, but it is done in a pleasant and legible manner here. Further, the overall look of the watch is such that it will still look handsome in the years to come.  In my opinion, this watch is best suited to travel, unless you like to keep track of another time zone on a daily basis.

Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Watch Releases

The watch contains the Ebel 18K-750 4N GMT Swiss movement in a large 45.4mm wide 18k rose gold case (the actual dial is about 37mm wide) . The case is also available in steel, with the face in black or white, with steel or gold hour markers. You’ll also notice the choice between hour markers and roman numerals for the second time zone sudbial, and don’t miss the big date complication. The black (I believe brown is also available) alligator strap is uniquely made to fit the curvature of the case. Thus, there are a lot of models to suit your taste. The rose gold version is of course going to be much more expensive (but you have to admit is looks great with the black face). This is one of the nicest new Ebel watches in my opinion. Prices start at about $3,500 and top out at about $12,000 for the gold version.

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Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Watch Releases
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I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this timepiece, needing to experience it in all of its glory. Unzipping the circular leather box I find it indoors on show beaming back at me.The EBEL X-1 is a supremely modern watch made from stainless steel and glossy black ceramic, which gives it a satisfyingly luxurious weight. In hand, it feels like the best handshake that I am reluctant to discharge, which can only bode well for my wrist.Visually, this watch is remarkably striking with its play on contrasts it makes a dynamic statement. The juxtaposition of this black case and bracelet with a total of 71 diamonds set in the bezel, crown and on the dial creates an exquisite sparkle. Will it ever stop giving? The surrounding ratchet effect bezel is alight with 48 diamonds and a round design at the centre of the dial draws the eye into the Super-LumiNova palms and sweeping second hand. The crown has an indented line perfect for turning with a nail, thoughtful design with us ladies in mind. A date window is a far more functional addition to this rather glamorous watch.The sleek and smooth stainless steel and ceramic bracelet is remarkably tactile and extremely comfortable against the skin. It’s held securely in place by EBEL’s signature deployment clasp. However, the launch feels just a little taxing; it does not have the slickness I would have anticipated. This is soon forgotten by the ‘I must get it’ appeal exuding from its framework, as it begins to dawn on you that this could be the new hero of your wardrobe both weekly and weekend wear.
Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 3h 32m
For those looking to move into the following caliber of watch in the normal Timex, you need look no further than the Ebel watch brand. Ebel is the maker of one of the maximum quality watches on the market. For the money, I think that Ebel far surpasses the quality of a Rolex or Tag Heuer, Ebel’s flashier cousins.My parents gave me an Ebel Classic Wave watch because of their 50th anniversary — how’s that for role change? And, I’ve been the proud wearer of my Ebel watch for at least 20 years today — 23 years to be precise. When I received my Ebel I knew it was a very wonderful watch, but, what I did not was precisely just how nice it was until I started to look online to find the rest of the Ebel watch lineup. This is 1 watch worth the price.My experience with my pretty Ebel has been excellent — rather than replacing the battery every couple of years, this watch has caused me no problems in any way. And, I am a boater and an RVer so this watch goes everywhere with me such as shore and snorkeling expeditions. Having a sapphire crystal, there’s not any scratching on the face at all, and, I’m you to bang jewelry about. I couldn’t be happier with my parents’ present to me!Ebel watches come in many flavors — there’s both men’s and women’s forms. There is a wide choice down there including a less pricey sporty model.As a little background, Ebel watches have been in production since 1911, when, on July 15th, Eugene Blum and Alice Lavy enrolled the name Ebel in the Swiss city of La Chaux de Fonds — that the title Ebel is a mix of their names Eugene Blum Alice Levy (I suppose it’s a fantastic thing he got top billing; differently, we’d be talking about Aleb watches…).
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Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Ebel Watches New York Replica Releases
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If he tells me it’s a mechanical motion, I consider him in total disbelief; once he informs me the cost (I will always remember: 4,700 Swiss Francs, the sum I’d make in a year for a cinema usher in the evenings, selling Hi-Fi on Saturdays, and giving personal math tuition through lunch break), I insult this poor man. How on earth can anybody be so mad or dumb to spend that sort of cash on a watch — mechanical, at that? I rather ended up purchasing a Tissot gold and steel quartz watch. Can you hear my thoughts banging against the walls ever since?! In our third year of university we had been permitted to choose the subject of a job that must mix sociology and engineering, and I immediately chose this topic: why would anybody pay these crazy amounts of money for a watch? This wasn’t the title, but it was obviously my scope. And then a miracle occurred. What I found during these visits and talks made my head spin. I had been hooked for good.My First Grail Watch: Maximilian Büsser Of MB&F My First Grail Watch.ABTW: What was the first grail watch? . Maximilian Büsser: An Ebel Chronograph in steel with the El Primero movement.ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?Maximilian Büsser: In the late 80s, Ebel was, in Switzerland, the epitomy of cool. Pierre-Alain Blum had done an amazing job resuscitating the brand. While Rolex was still in the golden president bracelet watch mindset which did not interest any youngster, Ebel had established the whole “Architects of Time” campaign, which struck the nail just right. Even Don Johnson was sporting an Ebel Chronograph at Miami Vice (surprisingly, that was exceptionally trendy back then)!
Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Ebel Watches Beluga Replica Releases
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Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Watch Releases
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Ebel Classic Hexagon GMT Rose Gold Watch: Two Times Done Well Ebel Watches For Ladies Replica Releases
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