In fact,Steel Case Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon Watch Replica the entire operation of adjusting the time is a pleasure. Hours are indicated via a double-disc “big” jumping hour display which is useful and lovely. Ulysse Nardin has been inspired by the world of boating at least a few dozen times over the years, and new interpretations continue to manifest from that, such as this Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon. This happens to be the first time Ulysse Nardin has introduced a new complication into the Marine case collection – here, rendered in a 44mm-wide 18k white gold case.

Nevertheless, there is still magic and the unexpected around many corners – such as this new wonder-watch from one of my favorite brands, Ulysse Nardin. Sitting with brand Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Watch Replica, he asks me with a slight smile, “Did you see the Grand Deck?”

In the video above, you can see exactly how the watch works as a series of “nanowires” act to pull a blued-aluminum retrograde minute hand, which is meant to act like a ship’s boom. Times are tough for the watch industry, with economic instability and systemic issues of product over-production to blame. You’d think that major watch brands would buckle down on spending and merely focus on selling what already works.

The boom-style retrograde minute hand moves along a translucent blue arc minute counter and offers the coolest animation when it hits 60 and returns to zero. Because setting the time using this system can be slow, Ulysse Nardin Watch Replica designed the in-house made caliber UN-630 movement with a quick-set system for the hour indicator.

A pusher above the crown allows you to advance the current hour in one hour increments. Ulysse Nardin Replica is good for traveling or simply setting the time with ease. I like that the movement was designed with novelty and (at least some) practicality in mind.