The curved rectangular case — including its grooved winding crown at the bottom, a hallmark characteristic of Corum’s Bridges set — is made of 5N 18k rose gold and measures 29.5 mm by 42.2 mm. The front and rear of this watch, which is water-resistant to 30 meters, are coated with nonreflective sapphire crystals. The strap is brown alligator leather using a triple-folding grip made from rose gold. Then, the newest revived the Bubble watch in 2015. And today, it’s one of their more important collections, so they decided to make a unique piece working with the iconic Bubble design. This really is actually the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch, featuring not just a tourbillon however a menacing skull to get a dial.The Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch includes a 47mm 18k rose gold case, and additional accentuating its dimension is its big bubble-shaped crown, also made out of 18k rose gold. And as a result of the domed sapphire crystal, thickness is a whopping 18.55mm. Certainly, the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon is no small watch, and it is bound to draw a lot of attention. If wrist attendance is what you seek, this watch will send it in spades. Regrettably, regardless of the watch’s little measurements, water resistance is 30 meters, so be wary of liquids.

Soon to be officially launched at Baselworld 2017, the Golden Bridge Rectangle puts Corum‘s best known movement inside an oblong case that harks back to its forerunner.

Invented by independent watchmaker Vincent Calabrese, who was one of the co-founders of the AHCI and an expert in tiny form movements, the Golden Bridge made its debut in 1980, getting its name from the elongated shape of the movement, which had its plates made of 18k rose gold.

Constructed in a linear manner with the barrel at one end and regulator at the other, with the gear train in between, the original Golden Bridge was an impractically delicate watch.

Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle 1

The modern day Golden Bridge CO 113 calibre shares the same aesthetics as the original, as well as the 18k rose gold bridges, but was built from the ground up to be robust and functional. It was conceived by movement specialist Laurent Besse, the same watchmaker responsible for the calibre that powers the MB&F HM4.

Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle 3

The Golden Bridge Rectangle is 29.5mm wide and 42.2mm long, a form that echoes the shape of the 1980 original. On either side of the baguette-shaped movement are stylised Roman numerals made of 18k rose gold that are riveted to a vertical support. Besides the visual embellishment, the Roman numerals also helpfully hide the wrist visible beneath the watch when it’s on the wrist.

Price and availability 

The Golden Bridge Rectangle (ref. B113/03044 – 113.050.55/0F02 MX55R) is priced at SFr39,000 (about US$39,700) and will be available starting April 2017.