Steel Case Ebel Classic Hexagon Automatic Replica Watch

Embodying a blend of creativity and rigorous conceptual principles, these Ebel Classic Hexagon Automatic Replica Watch are endowed with the noble beauty of pure equilibrium. The 41mm-diameter geometrical monohull case symbolizes the spirit of a brand at the crossroads between functions and artistry, between the moment in hand and eternity – exactly like a work of architecture. The leather strap is naturally integrated with the case in a classically contemporary spirit, ensuring that the timepieces are firmly anchored in reality. The beautifully understated dial with its large date display opts for the simplicity of three hands rather than indulging in aesthetic excess.

Ebel Classic Hexagon Automatic

Although originally dedicated to men, the new ebel classic hexagon replica are just as happy to wrap themselves around a feminine wrist.The collection is enriched with two new models that size each other up so as to achieve greater unity, observing each other carefully in order to strike a perfect balance. As loyal companions of each and every moment of daily life, they spontaneously lend themselves to the full range of professional and leisure activities. Inherently versatile, they confirm that true elegance transcends age and gender. Contrasting and yet complementary; one black, the other white; yet bound together within the same time characterized by the obvious attraction of opposites that revel in and share their differences.

Ebel Classic Hexagon Automatic

The EBEL Classic Hexagon watches enshrine the quintessence of time within their sculptural lines. Timeless and thus beyond fashion; classic and contemporary; appealing to both men and women.

More than just watches, the new ebel replica watches convey a lifestyle that is urban, contemporary and authentic. In sync with today and well prepared for tomorrow.